What Is The Escape Plan?

Let’s get straight to it

What is the Escape Plan then? The Escape Plan is centred around you, me, us becoming online entrepreneurs, specifically in the area of affiliate marketing (and I’ll explain how that works in a minute). Everything else we will work on flows from this and contributes to it.

Plan Your Life Quote

That’s money, freedom both financial and physical, and a sense of accomplishment, purpose and pride that comes with knowing you are successful.

I have chosen this path because, first and foremost, it does not rely on anyone else for your success.

  1. No-one else can halt or stifle your progress
  2. No-one else dictates how much reward you get for your efforts
  3. No-one else can claim credit for your work
  4. No-one else decides when, where and how much you work

I believe we can all become wildly successful online entrepreneurs.

Now don’t freak out on me, I have paved the way and done the groundwork here. Anyone can do this and I’ll explain why.

First up what is affiliate marketing?

Website ConstructionIt is simply finding products and/or services that you love, marketing them through the internet and receiving a cut of the profit as commission when someone buys through the link you have provided them.

The beauty of this is that:

  1. You don’t need to find, buy and store stock. No financial outlay or large amounts of money tied up in holding stock, this reduces the capital outlay so anyone can get started.
  2. You don’t need to make or build or manufacture a product. So if you can’t nail two pieces of wood together or you don’t make stuffed toys from your lounge room it doesn’t matter.
  3. You don’t process any payments or returns. No money handling or processing through your account, no working out exchange rates. The only money you will see is your commissions when they appear in your bank or PayPal account.

How Do I Do That?

Very simple. We are going to create a website which will be the vehicle we use to market the products and/or services that we want to promote.

OK once again – don’t freak out. Honestly your grandma could make a go of this – in fact there are plenty of grandma’s doing just that and quite successfully. You don’t need to be tech-savvy, have built a website before or even have any knowledge about how the internet works.


Because I have found a place that can teach us everything we need to know to be successful. Without being rude it’s Affiliate Marketing for Dummies, and that’s why I like it.

I am a little way down the track here, I’ve been doing this since early 2018 and I can guarantee you this is not an internet scam, or a get-rich-quick scheme that only empties your pockets, and it’s not cryptocurrency or filling in online surveys at 25 cents a pop.

It’s legit and I give you my word on that.

It’s been around for 13 years so not a fly-by-night outfit and with over 1.3 million members from every country in the world (OK not Antarctica) all currently using the platform you know it’s a good thing.

The platform I have found and have been using is called Wealthy Affiliate (affectionately shortened to WA).

Sign Up WA Starter Membership

Now at this point you probably have two questions.

  1. What is this REALLY going to cost me?
  2. Heidi, are you getting a commission for selling this program?

If you are the go-getter type and you are sitting there twiddling your thumbs and thinking let’s get this moving I’m keen to start you can check it out yourself right now.

You can try the FREE Starter Membership by clicking on the image above and you will go to my sign up page that way we can keep working together inside WA.

If you are the more cautious type keep reading and I will explain how it works so you can then sign up with peace of mind.

What is your future worth?

I am not into surprises myself and I am not going to lead you down the garden path and then spring something on your later. I am also not going to sugar coat things or dodge around the realities of what is required to achieve our Escape Plan. So the answer is –

Yes this will cost you money

Well to do it the easiest possible way and with the greatest chance of success it will cost you around 98c a day.

To save you getting out the calculator that’s $357 for an annual membership, which will give you 12 months to build your own successful business and become an Online Entrepreneur.

To be brutally honest if at this point you can’t get your head around paying 98c a day to change your life then this possibly isn’t for you.

If you would like to read my story about how I came to WA you can click right here.

I hope we are becoming kinda friends at this point, or at the very least you feel I am a trustworthy person and I have not told you any untruths.

BUT as we have just met I am not expecting you to take my word for it, and the beauty of this platform is you can join up for FREE to try it for yourself.

You do not need to put in your credit card, there is no way for WA to charge you any ongoing fees if you decide not to proceed. There is absolutely no risk to you too at least have a look.

Join Now Wealthy AffiliateSo here’s what I suggest and what the cost will be so you go into this understanding what your outlay would be:

  1. Sign up for the FREE Starter Membership – $0
    You have 7 days to have a good look around, start the Level 1 training and really get a feel for what we will be doing.
    Then you can make an informed decision.
    Just to be clear you can stay on this level forever, so technically you don’t need to upgrade to Premium and it wouldn’t cost you a cent.
    Having said that honestly if you are serious about working the Escape Plan you will need to consider becoming a Premium member at some point.
  2. Upgrade to Premium – $19
    If you are still a little uncertain after the first 7 days you can take the next month at half price. Only $19 will give you another 30 days.
    That’s 30 days with full access to everything this platform has to offer so you can really get stuck into the training and keep building your business for the next month.
  3. Stay Monthly – $49 or Go Yearly – $357.
    At this point you have a choice you can either stay on a month by month membership at $49 p/m which is the more expensive option or you can back yourself, commit to the Escape Plan and save yourself a heap of money by taking the 6 month or 12 month membership (annual works out to $29 p/month).

Now that I have been upfront about the costs are you still with me?

If you are and you are prepared to change your life, invest in yourself, your education and your business so you can get out of the rat race go ahead and press the CLICK HERE button and let’s get started.

Still not convinced? No worries let me explain what you get for your money.

What You Get on The Starter Membership

Membership OptionsFree Websites

The main areas that are super important here are that you get 2 free websites which are enough to make money from. These are what are called subdomain sites, which isn’t really important, except to note the following:

  • Your website address will look like this – YOURWEBSITE.siterubix.com instead of YOURWEBSITE.com
  • Sub-domains can rank as high in the Search Engines as good old .com domains, but it tends to be easier with a .com
  • You can’t get personalised email addresses like YOURNAME@YOURWEBSITE.com which I think looks more professional

So you can see already you could stay free but it will put you a little behind the eight ball right from the get-go.

On the Premium membership you get 25 subdomain websites and hosting for 25 more domain websites. I know this is more than I will ever need. All the website hosting is done as part of your membership so no additional cost there.

Now if you are starting to panic at this point, maybe feeling a little overwhelmed, don’t be.

I have included a video walkthrough from Kyle (co-owner of WA) so you can get a feel for the training and see just how easy it is to set up your own website.

Build Your Website in 30 Seconds

OK are we feeling a little more at ease? Do you think you could do that? Pretty easy right?

And as I said above I will be right there in Wealthy Affiliate with you, you can ask me questions at any stage and I will be your personal coach. You will not have to go it alone that’s the beauty of us working the Escape Plan together.

Don’t Sweat the Techy Stuff

As a Premium member you also get 24/7 365 days of the year technical site support. If some bug or gremlin gets into your site, or you try something and mess up royally and just don’t know how to fix it you can simply request help from the Site Support guys and girls.

I have had to ask for their help with a technical issue I had spent all afternoon trying to fix. They had it fixed within 5 minutes! I kid you not they are a bunch of super techy wiz kids who eat, sleep and breathe this stuff and it is very reassuring to know they are there to help with those sorts of issues.

You won’t get that sort of support and peace of mind included in many other membership platforms.

Training Classrooms

This is a biggie. On the Starter Membership you don’t get access to all the training and to really be successful you are going to need it.

Learn at Wealthy Affiliate
I have seen others suggest that you can look through the headings of all the training and then go and Google it and teach yourself and that way you can remain on the free membership.

What The! Personally this sounds all too hard, plus how do you know what you are learning actually works, if the person knows what they are talking about and whether you are learning systematically and in the correct order?

I feel you would end up completely swamped by the sheer volume of available information and wind-up putting it in the too hard basket and not doing anything.

But hey it’s an option!

I will be producing blogs on here providing additional training and elaborating on what I find as I work through the training but I am not going to repeat each of the training modules provided on WA.

  1. That would be dishonest, plagiarism really isn’t my style, and I couldn’t do it as well as they have anyway
  2. It’s dirt cheap for the massive amount of well laid out training you have access too

I have completed all 5 Levels of the Certification training and I have started on the Bootcamp Training so I speak from experience when I say the training is world-class and it is logically presented in a step by step fashion.

Study at Wealthy Affiliate
The best thing is that you start building your website right from the first lessons so you have started your journey to becoming an entrepreneur with your own business up and running immediately. It really is a very exciting time seeing your first website come to life on the screen before you!

Everything you learn you then continue to put into practice on your website, so as you work through the training you are building your business little by little every day.

You will be building it in the correct order, so nothing gets missed, and no crucial elements are left out that will impact how you make money further down the line.

There are video modules, like the one above, so it’s easy to see what you need to do, plus unlimited help through the supportive community of like-minded individuals who are all travelling the same path and understand your triumphs and questions.

Did I mention there are 1.3 million of us already started on the journey?

One other area which I have gained so much from is the Live Video Classes, one every week without fail. Our trainer is Jay, he’s a hoot, you will absolutely love him and his way of imparting his wealth of knowledge.

Some of the most recent live events were on keyword research which we will touch on in another blog and also finding the most lucrative affiliate partners so you are making the kind of money you want.

This is all super current, live training and guess what – no extra charge as part of the Premium membership.

There are no upsells at Wealthy Affiliate, as a Premium Member they give you everything you need to be successful.

The Community

I mentioned the community above. This is a massive benefit of joining Wealthy Affiliate and one of the areas that sets it apart from any other online training.

Community at Wealthy Affiliate
After being in this community since early 2018 and seeing all the moral support, additional training produced, members sharing the most current and up to date information about changes and opportunities, it is quite something to be a part of.

In the table above the community interaction is written as Live Help and 1 on 1 Coaching which on Starter you get for the first 7 days.

It is also in the table as the Website and Comment Feedback Platforms which you don’t get access to at all on Starter Membership – these are crucial to your success. I won’t go into each of them now otherwise I will be explaining all day but believe me when I say, you do need them to grow your business more quickly.

When my first blog post got to number #1 on the front page of Google the community celebrated with me. It was simply wonderful to read the comments of honest support from people who knew the elation of a small victory. You can read my blog on WA and check out the comments from other members by clicking here.

Wrapping it all up

So before I wrap this up you thought I was dodging the question about whether I would receive a commission if you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate. I am certainly not going to dodge the question, I am very proud to say that

Yes I do

This is part of my Rat Race Escape Plan. I have one other website already up and running, this is what is called a niche website and it provides information and products to new horse owners, as horses are one of my passions.

The Rat Race Escape Project is my second website through Wealthy Affiliate. I believe in the platform, I love the product and I am super keen to get as many people as possible joining me to change their lives this way.

The Rat Race Escape Project

I believe in the process and I am committed to changing my life and I hope the lives of many many others as time goes on. Without being too melodramatic I feel this is my calling and I am going to give it my all.

So yes you are part of my Escape Plan. If you feel this is the right course of action for you and you join WA you will have contributed towards me become an online entrepreneur.

And guess what it won’t have cost you any extra and you too will have every opportunity and my ongoing support to create a successful business and leave the Rat Race.

I hope you will join me, not because I will get a commission those will come in time anyway, but because I know if I can help as many people as possible to change their lives that my life will also change for the better.

Where To From Here

If you are ready to access all that Wealthy Affiliate offers, to develop your Rat Race Escape Plan and become a successful online entrepreneur it’s really simple – click the image below and let’s get cracking.

Join WA

If you have any further questions, or you need clarification on anything I have explained please comment in the box below. I want to make sure you have all the information you need to make the right decision for you.

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