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I’m guessing you are doing your homework after coming across a web-page promising you a $175 cash after watching a video and signing up. 

So what is My Online Business? A scam or will you really get $175 after just 5 minutes?  

After reviewing a mountain of these make money online systems I am getting pretty good at spotting a fake and doing the groundwork to confirm or deny my suspicions.

My Online Business is a classic case so you are right to do some due diligence before you part with your money.

You can jump to any relevant section using the Quick Guide below if you are in a hurry, although this is not a long review because it isn’t needed to confirm my immediate thoughts about My Online Business.

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Snap Shot of My Online Business

Name: My Online Business
Website: http://my-online.biz
Price: $37 or $47 or possibly much, much more
Owners: Matt Driscoll? Josh? Teo Vee?
Who They Say It's For: Anyone who wants to make money online
Recommended: No

Star Rating:

My Online Business Pros and Cons


  • None


  • It’s not actually a system
  • Unfounded income claims
  • Confusing and no real explanation of what you are buying
  • Using promises of immediate cash when you sign up

What My Online Business Really Is

You know those Russian dolls where there’s a doll inside another doll inside another doll? Well My Online Business is a bit like that.

Pink Russian dolls

You see My Online Business isn’t actually a system it’s just another one page sales funnel to direct you somewhere else.

And I’m pretty sure when you get to that somewhere else it’s going to further direct you to another site. None of which will ever make you any money and in fact the amounts you are expected to pay each time are likely to increase with every click.

So My Online Business is just a front for another scam website called Ecom Cash Code. We will get to what Ecom Cash Code is a little later but first lets address My Online Business to make it abundantly clear that you should not pay any money to be a part of this.

The Sales Video

I’ve watched the sales video and all I can say is that’s 5 minutes of my life I will never get back! If you too would like to bore yourself to death check it out below.

That black and white screen you see at the start is what it's like the whole way through. They didn’t spare any expense on the initial video NOT! The basic power-point presentation is read out by someone called Josh, who ever he may be.

So Josh tells us that our money making website is already set up and making money for us as we watch the video. Pretty cool right?

And throughout the presentation he cuts over to some sort of static screen to show you that almost immediately you’ve already made $135, and then a few minutes later just in case you are not already convinced and signed up he cuts back to the screen and lo and behold your account is now up to $175.

My Online Business New Account

And all you have to do is sign up for $37 and you get that $175 so you are already in front to the tune of $138 just by watching the video.  


Scarcity Tactics

The other tactic which is very thick throughout “Josh’s” video is one of scarcity. If you don’t sign up now then the next person will get YOUR account which already has that $175 in it.

Quick get your credit card out before someone else swoops in and takes your cash!


Do you really think that Josh is only going to “partner”with the next 10 people if he can get your $37 when he can go on taking people’s money if they are foolish enough to give it to him.

There is no limited places that are going to run out because there are no ready made websites waiting to be handed over to you.

And how am I so sure about this?

Well Then This Happened …..

OK so even though I know by now that is a scam for the sake of being thorough I put in my email address expecting to have to part with my $37 to see what comes next.

BUT then a strange thing happens. I am not provided with a payment page so I can pay my $37 for My Online Business and get my $175 but I am immediately redirected to a site called Ecom Cash Code.

This is the screen that pops up below.

Ecom Cash Code Sign Up Screen

WHAT!! WAIT!! Where’s my $175? Where did My Online Business disappear too and what is Ecom Cash Code?

What Is Ecom Cash Code Indeed?

This is a really bizarre turn of events and even for scammers it’s bad business sense. This is where people get nervous because it said one thing and then all of a sudden your on a completely new web-page with a completely new system.

Most people if they even got that far would have click out of it because:

  1. You are confused as to what has happened. Did you click something wrong? Didn’t you have to pay something about now?
  2. You were interested in My Online Business and they had sold you on the idea of getting your hands on his website which was already making money. You didn’t sign up for whatever Ecom Cash Code is!

So all they have done is put doubt in the mind of the visitor about the legitimacy of the original website and caused them to think something has gone wrong.

But anyway if you did hang in there, and you still want to make money online, then you get to watch another video! I know what your thinking - REALLY!!

Yep but at least this one has pictures and “real” people telling you now how much money they are making with Ecom Cash Code.

Fake Videos and Fake Actors

How do I know they are just actors reading off a script? Because anyone can hire them to do so through a variety of websites across the internet. Plus the video itself says they are actor portraying real people.

Once again REALLY! 

Yep you can pay an ordinary person to pretend to have made huge sums of money, they then send you the video and you uploading it to your website and Bob’s your Uncle you’ve got a fake testimonial.

My Online Business Actor Testimonial

As I said I have reviewed many, many spammy products in my quest to make money online and I see the same faces, the same people, doing dodgy reviews and testimonials for anyone who will pay them.

So my takeaway to you is, even if they say that it's real or true, to treat all testimonials about supposed income with extreme caution, even when there are videos and what look like profiles of real people. Almost all of them are fake.

How Does It Work?

To save you having to watch the video, I will summarise what Ecom Cash Code says it is.

You will be buying some sort of secret code which you plug into your website, yes you need a website to even make this work.

What you don’t have a website! You started out wanting to make money online and you thought My Online Business was going to give you a website but now that’s gone (along with your $175)!

Confusing hey!

Anyway back to the Code. The sales page goes on to say that if you have a website you simply plug in this code, and it “taps into” the purchases of customers all over the world and the commissions starts rolling it.

Ecom Cash Code Sales Page

The only legitimate thing that I can think of that uses a code or a link to purchases and that you then get a commission from is affiliate marketing.

And I can tell you from experience that while you can make a very good income from affiliate marketing it doesn’t work like Ecom are trying to make you believe.

So in summary Ecom Cash Code want you to pay $47 to get the code. This code will be an affiliate link to a certain product which you could get for free as an affiliate partner. You do not ever have to buy affiliate links so don’t get scammed into thinking you do.

Ecom Cash Code Instant Access

I do not have to waste my $47 to know that this will not make money and that there is no one secret code that will have money pouring into your account without you doing any work. It simply doesn’t exist.

Recommended: No

Make Money With Me ...

Affiliate Marketing is a legit way to make money online, in fact in my opinion it is the best, cheapest and least risky way to make money online.

If you would like to know more about affiliate marketing and get an honest idea about how it works you can check out my free Ultimate Guide by clicking on the button below.

I am not going to pedal you some BS about affiliate marketing. It is not a get rich quick scheme, you are not going to make $5000 in 24 hours. You will have to put in some time and effort to make it work for you.

BUT it is an ethical, long term way to build a business online, that will make money and one which anyone can be successful at.

Anyway it is all covered in the Guide so check that out if you want to skip the scams and start a real online business today.

Are you thoroughly confused about My Online Business and Ecom Cash Code? I’m not surprised if you are, but suffice to say my recommendation is that you steer clear of them. There are much better ways to make money online.

Do you have questions? Drop them in the comment box below and we can have a chat. I’d love to help you out and get you on the road to making money online.

See you at the top sign off in yellow

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