So what is a website niche and why do you need to know?

Choosing a niche for your website is the first big decision you need to make on your journey to becoming an online entrepreneur. I will show you how to choose your own niche and if you are still not sure I provide my top 10 free niche market ideas.

Think Outside The Box
This is where the exciting stuff really begins. Now you start to get creative and get some brainstorming happening while you make business decision about your future.

If you have come to the Rat Race Escape Project straight to this page I’ll give you a brief summary of what I am all about.

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Back To It – What’s a Niche?

A niche is simple a select group of people with a common interest, problem or need.

3.75 billion internet usersWith almost 4 billion people using the internet across every country in the world you can see there are plenty of potential customers – but you can’t target them all.

So you need to narrow down the target audience for your website.

Imagine if you came to my niche website, which is built to help new horse owners, and you read an excellent article about horses and then you click on a link and find yourself looking at an article about the best dishwashers of 2018!

You would wonder what happened, what went wrong. You are probably not interested in buying a dishwasher and you would leave my site.

Goodbye dear reader and goodbye any chance of making a sale!

So you see you need to be really clear which group of people you are talking too – and that’s your niche.

Who Do You Want To Help?

My motto is always if you help enough people get what they want, you will also get what you want.

Your website needs to help your niche by providing information they want to read, answering a question they have or fulfilling whatever it is they need at the time.

Start thinking about how you would like to help people. Don’t worry about products and sales at this point. All that will come and it doesn’t matter what niche you choose there is plenty of legit, honest income to be made.

Why do people Google certain terms?

Because they want information or entertainment, they have a problem they need solved or they have a need for something.

Think about the times you have put some words into a Google search, you will see what I mean.

You were looking for something specific.

So have a think about a group of people who you would like to help and what types of things that group might be looking for.

What Interests You? What Are You Passionate About?

Do you have an interest? Let’s say it’s gardening for example. Gardening in itself isn’t a niche, it’s a very broad topic, but the following are narrowed down niches that are interested in gardening:Gardening Niche

  • People who want to grow their own food
  • Seniors who want to grow small gardens that are easier to look after
  • People who want to start and grow community gardens
  • Parents of kids who can be encouraged to get outdoors and grow plants
  • Orchid lovers, beginner orchid lovers trying to grow their own
  • People interested in hydroponics
  • People living in apartments who have limited space but want greenery
  • People who cook and want to grow their own herbs and spices
  • People who live on large acreage and are looking to set up an orchard

I could go on but you see what I mean?

If I Google how to grow basil, I don’t want to read about planting a 500 tree apple orchard, but I would probably be interested in other articles about say parsley or the different varieties of mint.

But I Am Not An Expert In Anything!

You don’t need to be an expert, no really you don’t. If you are passionate about a subject and you would like to know more about it, you can research any niche on the internet and over time as you build out your website you will become an expert.

You will be able to find out everything you need to know and be able to pass that onto your readers. More importantly you will pass that information on with your own style, enthusiasm and flare for your chosen subject.

And that is gold!

All you need for a niche website is interest and enthusiasm in the field and a basic idea about the information your readers want to get their hands on.

Have a think about what sort of articles you could write that will interest your readers. If you are feeling stuck put some search terms into Google and see what comes back.

Google Search

This is an excellent way to find article topics as Google will give you the most common searches related to your words in a drop down box.

In my example I put in – growing basil and Google came back with:

  • Growing basil indoors
  • Growing basil in a pot
  • Growing basil in winter
  • Growing basil from seed

All of these are articles you could write for your niche market and provide them with the information they are searching for.

If you love pottering around in your garden and growing your own fruit and veggies then maybe “people who want to grow their own food” could be your niche market.

How Am I Going To Make Money Out Of That?

A quick search of Google reveals a huge list of companies with affiliate programs who will pay you to market their products online. After a 2 minute search of the front page of Google, the below are just some items you could write articles on and provide links to:

  • Online gardening courses and lessons
  • Plants and seeds
  • Gardening tools
  • Organic fertilisers
  • Hard copy and e-books
  • Gardening magazines
  • Gift Certificates to hardware stores

Coloured cactus

So how do you check what affiliate programs there are in your niche and how much they will pay you?

Google your niche + affiliate (or affiliate program). So for my example I put in: gardening + affiliate. I could have been even more specific and tried plants + affiliate, or Garden tools + equipment.

You will be amazed at just how many companies will pay you to market their products, and some of them pay very handsomely.

Our Top 10 Free Niche Market Ideas

If you are still not sure what niche to run with I have put together my Top 10 ideas for profitable niche markets, in no particular order, which I think are worth further investigation and narrowing down.

Wedding Cake

  1. Weight Loss – a particular diet, shakes or supplements, recipes, diabetics, particular body parts
  2. Adult Comics – these people have disposable income to spend on their hobby
  3. Romance – dating sites for particular regions, divorcees, seniors companion guide
  4. Babies – clothing, equipment, breastfeeding, babysitting for teens
  5. Weddings – planning, supplies, dresses, invitations
  6. Beauty – aging gracefully, makeup, clothes
  7. Health – natural remedies, irritable bowel syndrome, vegan lifestyle, fitness for men
  8. Pets – homemade cat food, dog treats, clothing, obscure pets
  9. Self-Help – books, tips, lifestyle coaching
  10. Survivalism – survival kits, prepping, clothing

Now You Have A Niche

It’s time to create your website.

You can include a word(s) from your niche in your domain name if you like, but it isn’t 100% necessary.

If you do keep it short and to the point.

Don’t worry too much if you can’t get the word(s) of your niche in your website domain name, it will not affect how your website ranks in Google. Think of places like Apple (nothing to do with phones or computers) or Walmart (could mean anything).

If you feel your domain name is catchy and you love it that’s all that matters. You will be giving your website a title also and you can be ultra creative with that.

You can use the link below to create your free website with Wealthy Affiliate and kick start you journey to become a successful online entrepreneur.

I will be right there with you and we can work our rat race escape plan together.

Got some questions about choosing a niche? Want to run some ideas past me to help clarify your thoughts?
I’d love to help as always cause that’s what I do.

Pop your thoughts in the comment box below.

See you at the top

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It doesn’t matter where you are starting from, what you currently have or don’t have, if you too feel like there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing and you want to take charge and create a better life for yourself (and your family) then join me and we will do this together.

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  1. I was thinking of starting a Self-Help niche because this is the thing which I am curious about. However my friend told me that making money online niche has huge potential and I should definitely consider it. What is your take on this and should I choose a niche which potential or should I definitely follow a passion?

    1. Hi Furkan, if this is your first affiliate site I strongly recommend staying away from the MMO space for a first site. You need to have some experience to be able to talk with some authority on the subject and you will get that by building and monetizing your first niche website. 

      The self-help niche is a very strong one, it is what is called an evergreen niche, there are always people to help who are looking for this type of information. If you have a passion to help people better themselves then I think this is the niche for you.

      You would need to narrow down the niche a little more though. Would you like to help say professionals, or singles, or men or women, or people who have experienced some sort of trauma.

      By narrowing down your niche to start you can build an authority site quickly, if you try to tackle self-help in general it will take you a huge amount of time to cover even a fraction of the content.

      I hope this helps your decision, and of course you can get all the training you need if you’d like to join us at Wealthy Affiliate.

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