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You have probably found this blog because you have heard the term laptop lifestyle and thought it sounded intriguing.

Well let’s get down to business and explore what is a laptop lifestyle? Find out if it’s something you want and if you do how do you go about getting it?

A quick introduction first so you know who you are talking to and where I am coming from. My name is Heidi and I am the creator of this wonderful website, the Rat Race Escape Project, that you have stumbled upon.

This website is my ticket to the laptop lifestyle.

I currently work a 9 – 5 job (JOB = Just Over Broke) but I have a vision and a driving purpose in my life, and that is to help as many people as I can break free from the rat race and live the life of their dreams.

The way I have chosen to do this is through building a laptop lifestyle for myself and to create the opportunity for others to join me.

OK enough boring stuff about me, let’s jump right in.

What Is it Exactly?

The laptop lifestyle is simply any way of creating income that is generated via your laptop. But the phrase means more than that, for some people it conjures up images of a white sandy beach, people lying around in hammocks and only working for an hour or two a day on their laptops to achieve the lifestyle we all dream of.

Is this unrealistic – yes and no!

So maybe the laptop lifestyle should more accurately be described as any way to generate enough income to live the lifestyle you want no matter what lifestyle that is.

Working for yourself

For me, and most of those I talk to, it also means working for yourself. No longer having those Sunday evening blues where that feeling of dread creeps into your tummy, and you start getting sad, grumpy, mad about having to go to your mundane, boring job the next morning.

Alarm clock, red question mark on faceIt is being able to schedule your workday around family and other pleasurable commitments. This is certainly a big driver for me. I want to get to a point where I can sleep in until my body clock tells me it’s time to get up – no more waking up to the 5.30am alarm, day in and day out.

It is deciding for myself how much work I need to do today to get where I want to be. No boss dictating my tasks each day or squashing my ideas and suggestions.

Notice I did say working for yourself. Did you think it was going to just be handed to you?

There is work involved to build a business which will pay you the sort of money you want to live the lifestyle you envisage for yourself. But once your affiliate marketing business is established it will work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can continue to work your business at that point and build it into an empire, or you can pay others to do the work for you, or you can sit back and put your business into maintenance mode where it requires minimal updates to keep ticking along and making money – now I am thinking about 1 – 2 hours a day while laying on a beach in Bermuda!

Don’t get me wrong, you do need to put in the effort and the hard yards at the start to get your business up to this stage. Living the laptop lifestyle doesn’t just happen by magic, and all the get-rich-quick scams that promise such things are simply telling you what you want to hear so you part with your money and make them rich.

I can guarantee you they will not deliver!

Entrepreneurs create themselves, they are go-getters with a purpose and a passion to succeed. Do you have that passion? Do you really want more for yourself and your family than what you have now?

Being paid what you are worth

Let’s be honest with each other. We all want to take charge of our professional lives and drive our careers rather than being passed over for a promotion or knocked back for a raise yet again. We want to earn more money, week in and week out, to live more comfortably.Man showing empty jeans pockets

We also want to be the masters of our destiny and to determine our own fate. You want to be paid what you are worth, and to know that if you put in the extra effort that you will be paid accordingly.

I have spent the last 16 years working my way up the government ladder. Don’t get me wrong I have enjoyed my working life to date, but I wonder just where I would be if I had spent those past 16 years working for myself.

Building up my own business instead of contributing to someone elses.

I believe I would be earning a lot more than I currently do. But there is no point looking back and it is never too late to start and so I have.

I know with my own business that if I put in the effort I will be rewarded accordingly and I am not reliant on someone else for increases in my income. I know I am worth more than I am currently being paid and I am very excited about my new online ventures and what level of income I can earn for myself.

The sky is the limit.

I know affiliate marketers that are earning 5 figures a month, many of my colleagues manage million dollar online marketing businesses. There is money to be had and plenty enough for all of us to be wildly successful.

Following a driving purpose in your life

By creating your own business you can follow your passion and earn a living while being fulfilled at the same time. I believe a laptop lifestyle will achieve that for me and for others.

My two passions in life are my horses and helping others be the very best versions of themselves.

Through affiliate marketing, I have created a blog for new horse owners, a place where they can come to learn and share their experiences. My driving purpose is to help my readers enjoy their horses and to provide them with all the information they need to stay safe.

Yes that niche site is still a business and I am monetising it via links to products and services. I have also started work on an e-book and hope to complete that within the next 12 months and get it out to market.

My Horse Handbook website menu

I believe by helping others I will also help myself and providing value must come first, the money will follow, and it has started already with Amazon sales beginning as traffic to this site grows.

My second website is this one. I have a very big goal for this site and that is to create 2000 online entrepreneurs by the end of 2020. Not just successful entrepreneurs but colleagues who become friends. I want to be surrounded by people who are achieving amazing things and living the lifestyles they choose, and I want to have helped them get there.

Helping others up a steep inclineI know it might sound a little cheesy, but this mission is what gets me out of bed every morning and keeps me working late into the night.

Neither of my websites or the time and training I put in to create these businesses is a chore. I am so grateful to have found and be able to follow the driving passions in my life and I love it.

I love creating blogs for my readers and sharing what I know and what I learn. I love every minute of the training I do. My brain is engaged and full of fresh ideas as my skills develop and I can put into place new features and offer more to my audience.

I know that with every skill I learn and every blog I write I am one step closer to that laptop lifestyle. I am closer to handing in my resignation and doing what I love every day.

At the time of writing this blog I am a part-time online entrepreneur, I am loving the journey and I know it is only a matter of my own dedication and efforts that will see me living the laptop lifestyle.

Do you want the laptop lifestyle?

I can help you get it.

Lady splashing in shallow wavesI am using an online platform to learn and build my business empire. I know without a shadow of a doubt that this is the best platform available to achieve my goals.

I have seen so many scams out there and I am very grateful to have found a place that delivers everything it says it will.

They have created thousands of successful affiliate marketers who still remain with them because they know it is the best place to grow and manage their business. There are so many success stories each and every day from members who are reaching their goals and living their dreams.

You can read one of our members, Debs story, about how she is now living the laptop lifestyle – My Dream Has Come True.

This is an honest and genuine platform, the owners are committed to providing the very best space for people to thrive. I am very proud to be associated with them and to have the opportunity to change my life through them.

I can not encourage you strongly enough, if you want the laptop lifestyle, join me and let’s build our empires and fortunes together.

Check out my first attempt at a video promo which provides a quick overview of the process and gives you a basic understanding of how affiliate marketing works so you can see if this is something you can get your teeth into.

You do not need to have any skills in marketing, technology, building websites, anything like that. I knew absolutely nothing when I started, and that is the beauty of this platform. They walk you through step by step, building your site with each new task and teaching you skills to truly be the master of your own destiny.

beach holiday in a suitcaseWhat you do need though is a desire to live that laptop lifestyle.

Having completed the Certification training and now almost finished the additional Bootcamp course I have a solid grasp on what it takes to be successful in this business and I would love to share it with you.

Wouldn’t you like to be the owner and founder of your own authority website which brings in passive income and affords you the lifestyle you deserve?

You can read all about the training, the community, the web hosting and the membership options in my Ultimate How To Affiliate Marketing Guide here.

The Starter Membership is completely free, you don’t need to put in your credit card details and there is no risk and no obligation for you to stay.

So why not check out the Guide for yourself, it has all the information you need plus links to start your own website for free….  if you are ready to start your journey towards the laptop lifestyle of your dreams.

Do you have any questions now that we have explored "what is a laptop lifestyle"? Please pop them in the comment box below,

I am always super honest and candid about my journey and I'll love to help you understand what it takes and who can make it in affiliate marketing.

And as always you can help me out, if you loved this blog, by sharing us socially.

See you at the top sign off in yellow

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