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I want to tell you upfront that the more I do these reviews to try and find legit programs that can actually help you and I make money online the more disillusioned I am getting! You can check out all my reviews here.

And this program is no exception unfortunately!

So what is 2 Day Profits?  

This is a new concept to me so I was interested to find out if Cost Per Action (shortened to CPA) can actually be a money making venture. This blog details what I found out.

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Snap Shot of 2 Day Profits

Name: 2 Day Profits
Website:  http://2dayprofits.com/ (not a secure site)
Price: $2 but then come the upsells - $27 + $27 + $197
Owners: Paul Prissick and Mark Barrett
Who’s It For: They say anyone who wants to make money online
Recommended: Not really

If you are not familiar with 2 Day Profits, check out the video below and then we will get into what it really is.

2 Day Profits Pros and Cons


  • Cost Per Action is a legit opportunity

  • Yoonla is a real site


  • Too much income hype which can’t be substantiated

  • Get you in cheap then upsell heavy

  • Comes across as a get rich quick scheme

What Is 2 Day Profits Really?

So in all the marketing it looks like you can make money in 2 Days, well that’s pretty cool but it’s actually even better than that … it is a play on words and they mean 2+Day = today.

If you have read any of my other reviews on programs offering big money in very little time and with no skills then you’ll know this is ALWAYS a red flag. My best advice to you as you are trawling the internet looking for ways to make money is that if you come across something that sounds too good to be true then it invariably is.

Eye catching little graphics like this try to make you believe that you too can make anything from $100 to almost $600 per day just by spending $2 to buy the program.

2 Day Profits Daily Income

But worse than that is that they follow up with claims that it only takes a few minutes each day, in fact they gloat that most of that time is taken looking at how much money they have made! REALLY!!

Now if you really want to get out of your 9-5 job, you see claims that this is easy and fast any you can scale up to $500 per day extremely quickly then you are probably going to invest your $2.

After all what’s $2 right? But just bear in mind that you are not going to get everything you need for $2, that’s just how they get you in and then upsell you and before you know about it your out of pocket hundreds of dollars and are no better off.

2 Day Profits Quick and Easy

Cost Per Action - What Is it?

Anyway sorry back on track, this type of hype just gets under my skin is all.

So this program runs you through their test case which show you how they make money by finding people and then sending them to a site called Yoonla. Yoonla then pays you $2 - $4 commissions for introducing people to the program.

So once the person you have directed to Yoonla carries out a specific action, that might be sign up for the free Starter membership, enter their email address or download their app then you earn your commission.

That’ why it’s called CPA there is a cost per action​​​ carried out by your referral.

In itself it is not too dissimilar to affiliate marketing in that you introduce a customer to a product and you get paid if they buy. The big difference here is that you don’t even have to know what the product does, all you need is to direct the person to the website and hope they undertake an action.

I’m pretty sure Yoonla will require another review all to itself to explain it as it looks like one with even heftier upsells, starting at about $300 a pop! But anyway that is for another time.

How Do You Find People To Send To Yoonla?

The training inside 2 Day Profits does show you how to do this. Primarily you need to buy traffic, it’s called Tier 2 and Tier 3 traffic. There are sites that you can pay and get lots of people exposed to your page.

These are generally traffic sites, so you get low quality, not pre qualified leads, pretty much just lots of junk but if a few people do actually get to Yoonla you might get paid.

They also show you 5 other ways of getting traffic, one of which is creating Youtube videos which can be done for free. So that is one upside if you don’t have money to buy traffic you can try Youtube.

The other method is to create a landing page, which is very common in internet marketing and of course fully legit also. A landing page is really just an optimised sales page that you send people to but to have a landing page you need software, some knowledge and also to be hosting it somewhere. Again not free.

I would suggest to actually get this to work you will need their upsells.

Upsells - Start Cheap But Get Expensive Fast

I don’t know what it is about these types of products but they all seem to have three upsells. They seem to generally start around the $25 - $30 mark and then jump up horrendously once you have paid for the first.

I am guessing this is because by then you are desperate to make this work and feel like you have to pay the bigger price for that final part of the puzzle.

It’s really pretty funny considering the flashy sales hype on their page - see below:

2 Day Profits Down The Rabbit hole

Don’t let yourself be lead down the rabbit hole that is 2 Day Profits!

Still want to know what those upsells are? Well OK then.

#1: Follow up series of email marketing so that you can build a list - costs $27

#2: You get to copy their sales funnel which was used in the case study to supposedly make $586 a day - costs another $27.  

#3: A Live Masterclass series although I can’t determine if this is one class or many - costs $197

Now upsells in themselves are not always bad, but you need to realise that for $2 you are not going to get all the information you need to actually make the kind of profits they are talking about.

Whether you can even make that kind of money eventually, even with all the upsells I find highly doubtful.

Let’s take a look at the figures. You would need about 150 people every day to actually do whatever the action is on the Yoonla page, let's say it’s put in their email address. How many people do you think you would have to send to that page to actually get 150 of them to put in their address so you get the $4 commission?

With my experience in pay per click I’d suggest you would have to send at least 6,000 people to that page every day to get 150 commissions at $4 each!

That’s a lot of people and because most of them are not actually looking for that type of product your figures are likely to be even higher than that.

In a nutshell this program has very little to recommend it. It isn’t a scam in as much as it does offer a way to make money online. BUT just know that you are not going to do this with just a $2 outlay, it will cost you more, and you will have to do work and spend more on paid traffic and you won’t be making $586 TODAY from it.

Recommended: No

Would you like to look at a legit way to build an online business?

Make Money With Me ...

The general concept of this program is basically sound, you drive people to a website and you get paid a commission if they undertake an action.

But I would like to show you a more ethical and long term option where you can scale and make as much money as you choose, but through building an online business you can be proud of. Something you happily put your name too!

Affiliate marketing is my preferred method of making money online. It is proven and it has two major differences to this type of scheme:

First your main aim is always to help people. Through your website you speak with people who need your help and you provide them the answers to their questions and through building trust with you and your site they will start buying their products through you.

Second you do not have to rely on paid traffic so your costs over the long term are kept to a minimum. When you learn the correct way to set up your website you will bring the right people to you. People who are already in the market for your products and services and you haven’t paid a cent to get them to your website.

You don’t have to trick them into buying anything and you don't need to come off like a sleazy used car salesperson. You just provide great advice, help them out and make a sale. 

Ohh and just one other huge bonus with affiliate marketing - you don’t have any capital outlay so it is cheap to start. You don’t buy and stock products, you don’t handle money and you don’t have to do any shipping. Pretty cool right!

All you need is a website, and of course the right training, so you build it into a money making venture.

Are you prepared to spend $1 a day to build your future? 

I’d love to help you get into your own online business, do it ethically and correctly and change your life and your income.

I know it can be done because I am doing it.

Click on the button below for a comprehensive Guide to Affiliate Marketing so you can see if this is the right business model for you. There are also links to access 2 free websites and 10 free lessons to get your site up and running today and to allow you to try it hands on, and really get a feel for what is involved before you commit any money.

Plus you get yours truly as your Premium Coach and Mentor to help you along the way. My promise to you is that you will never be left to struggle through on your own.

I will help you every step of the way, answer any questions you might have and give you every assistance to increase your income and change your life forever.

No time to waste my friend, let’s get started - click the button below.

Do you have any further questions arising from this blog What is 2 Day Profits? Or are you just not sure how to get started building an ethical, long term business online without being scammed then drop me a comment below and I will be glad to help you out.

See you at the top sign off in yellow

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