So you want a website but not sure how to start

I can help. Head with online logos

I have extensive experience in building affiliate websites, both niche sites, e-commerce sites and make money online sites.

Or I can build websites for local bricks and mortar businesses, as well as sporting clubs and not-for-profits.

Whether you want to start in the field of affiliate marketing and would like someone else to do the groundwork including niche selection and the initial build of the website or you need to raise the profile of your existing local business I can help.

The Process

The process for each individual website is the same whether you want me to build you a money making affiliate website or your own local small business website. I work with you to build a fully functioning, beautiful looking website which will engage your visitors and clients, inform them about your business/products and what you can do for them and give you authority within your field.

I complete the design and techy bits to create the website plus I also work with you to provide training so that you can manage your website after it is built.

You will not need to pay anyone to maintain, update or add content to your website and you will be able to change it anytime you need to. You will be the WebMaster for your website.

I offer two types of Start Up Services – Basic and Premium, depending on how involved you wish to be in the process and how extensive you want your website to be.

Regardless of which one you choose the 4 step process of creating your website is the same.

1. Start Up Meeting

Fist bump group of peopleBefore we go any further we need to get together and run through what you wish to achieve with your website.

This might be to simply inform your clients or customers about products or services you offer and have them contact you, you may wish to sell your products online and need an e-commerce store or you may want to encourage bookings of your services and allow people to do that via your website.

It doesn’t matter what you wish to achieve, we can make it happen. A good robust discussion about your wants and needs sets me up right from the start so that we are working towards achieving your outcomes.

This startup meeting can be face to face if you are local to me or I have a comprehensive form developed to get you thinking about exactly what it is you want in your website.

2. The Look and Feel

I will prepare three different themes for your website including general layout, look and feel, colours etc. I like to let you have a few days to a week to look these over, chat with your partners and work colleagues about what you like from the individual themes and then it’s crunch time and you need to choose one.

If I am building an affiliate niche site for you we will discuss viable niches, potential keywords and quality SEO for your website before we proceed.

At this point we make the required changes and I will provide the final proof for your sign off.

3. Website Build Underway

Depending on the package you have chosen and the amount of detail you want included, the website build will take anywhere from 3 to 14 days to complete.

If you have chosen the Premium Package any blogs or content that is written for your site will be proofed by you before going live on the site. Likewise, any product store/e-commerce pages will be provided for your sign off before being added to the site.

4. Site Handover

website training wordsYou will be provided with your finished site, passwords to access and all copyright and intellectual rights to the website and contents will transfer to you.

Following handover, again depending on the package you have chosen, you will have a set number of hours of my time for training, fixing any issues created as you learn how to manage the site yourself, plus professional one on one support and coaching either remotely or we will get together if you are local to me.

You will not be left on your own, I am here to help for as long as you need me.

Do you want to get started now?

Drop me an email via the contact form and we can get started today.




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It doesn’t matter where you are starting from, what you currently have or don’t have, if you too feel like there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing and you want to take charge and create a better life for yourself (and your family) then join me and we will do this together.

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