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The Ultimate How To Affiliate Marketing Guide

Discover the proven, easiest way to make money online.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Minimal capital outlay to start

All you need to get started making money online with affiliate marketing is a website. No stock to buy or hold, no expensive monthly overheads, no processing payments or shipping of products and no franchise fees.

Affiliate marketing is the cheapest way to start making money online and as an added bonus in this Guide I will show you how to get your website set up for free. 

Make as much money as you want

The sky is the limit when it comes to your earning capacity with affiliate marketing. With over 3.75 billion potential customers and millions more products and services available for you to market the potential for huge income is unrivaled. 

Anyone can do this 

Affiliate marketing is not rocket science and neither is building a website. This Guide will explain the easy steps needed to build a profitable online business that will pay you in passive income for life.

Successful affiliate marketers are people from all walks of life, of all ages and with all levels of education.  With the right training and tools anyone can make money online.

Welcome to the Guide
 that could change your life

I know it's a big call but really welcome and I hope together we can find the answers you've been searching for in your search to make money in the online world.

I honestly believe that every person can create a better life for themselves and their families and I hope that you will take action to start your journey by the end of this Guide.

There's no time to waste let's get straight into it!

Heidi Yates - Founder, Rat Race Escape Project

Heidi and Jonny

Don't Hesitate, Get Started With Affiliate Marketing Today!

So you want to earn money online and you’ve heard affiliate marketing is the way to do it and you would be right. You’ve also come to the right place to find out everything you need to know to start and make money online.

I have written this guide so that anyone can follow along and get started on the process of making money online. Because anyone can do it - yes honestly anyone!

I will be sharing with you how I make money online and showing you the exact steps you can follow to make some extra spending money, replace your full-time job or make a fortune. The process is the same, it’s only the time and effort that varies.

I will also give you direct links to a free platform, it is the platform that I use, and that has the capacity to change your fortune and your life.

With so many scams invading our online world these days promising untold riches for little to no effort, our society is starting to be conditioned to think that money does grow on trees! Affiliate marketing is not a scam and it's not a get rich quick scheme. 

What it is though is a viable long-term way to earn passive income.
It is a legitimate marketing business that when setup correctly
will pay you handsomely for years to come.

This an extensive Guide so if you have particular queries you can check out the Quick Guide below and skip to the individual sections of interest.

So if you are ready for an honest, no BS chat about what it takes and how you can make real money online then let’s begin shall we? 

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a simple concept - you build a website which has links to products and/or services, a customer finds your site say through a search or perhaps through social media, they click on the affiliate link within your site and purchase a product, you receive a commission on that sale.

Orange Infographic Affiliate Marketing

One Example

Here’s an example of how it would work.

Mary has a new kitten who is very naughty, she does a Google search to find out how to stop her kitten from clawing at her couch and destroying it.

She finds your blog about naughty behaviours in kittens which recommends a product she can spray on the couch to stop the kitten.

Mary buys the product and you get the commission.


The Beauty of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a proven way to get into making an online income and it is perfect for beginners because:

  1. It’s cheap to start with minimal financial outlay
  2. You don’t have to buy and hold stock, the seller does that
  3. You don’t have to process payments or refunds, again the seller does that
  4. It is scalable, the sky's the limit when it comes to how much income you can generate

You Determine Your Success

The other reason I love affiliate marketing is because you determine your level of success. No one can stifle your progress, you determine the amount of effort and time you wish to put into your business, and you will be rewarded commensurate with that effort.

So if you only want to earn a few extra dollars a week then your time and effort will be small, but if you want to build an online empire worth millions of dollars, and you can do that with affiliate marketing, but it will take a bit more effort.

3.75 billion customers graph

The Rise of Online Shopping

There has never been a better time to get into the make money online business either.

The rise of online shopping is only set to increase and with over 3.75 billion people already buying online your market is enormous.

No Need To Sell

Another thing I love about affiliate marketing is you don’t need to sell.

But wait didn’t you say I need customers to buy stuff to make money? Well yes you do but these customers will come to you willingly and buy without you ever having to “sell them”.

You don’t have to get into spammy selling tactics, you simply offer your readers value and help them with their problems. As a result you will build trust and rapport and they will respect your offers and buy through you.

Affiliate marketing is not multi-level marketing and it’s not a pyramid scheme.

You do not have to harass your friends and family into buying what you offer and you don’t need to recruit others to make money so you are not reliant on other people for your commissions.

You don’t need to hold parties or pressure others into doing things they don’t want to do.

You also don’t need to buy products to on-sell them, again reducing your capital outlay, which enables just about anyone to get into this business and make money online.

Your Customers Will Come To You

Having a website means people come to you. You don’t need to chase them and harass them to buy. You will target people who are already interested in what you have to offer and are ready to buy all without “car salesman” type tactics.

What do you search for online? You can bet there are hundreds of thousands of other people just like you also searching online for that exact same thing.

Why This Works

As I said there are 3.75 billion (and growing each year) people searching on the internet for answers all day every day. That’s 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year that you have potential customers looking for what you are offering.

One article can be viewed in any moment by thousands of people. But what if you had a 100 articles all being viewed by thousands of people at any time day or night?

You can see the potential for sales is unlimited! And all you need to do is write blogs that people trust and that solves their problems. The more people you attract the more sales you will make and the more income you’ll earn.

Need Some Proof!

I hope we are building up some level of trust but I’m sure you want concrete proof that this does indeed work before you get too excited about your future earning potential.

I have gathered together a couple of success stories from the platform I use and recommend here. There are even more success stories further down the Guide.

You can click on any of the images to read the full blogs from people just like you who are making considerable sums of money with affiliate marketing.

BrokFT Success Story

Brok went from earning $4,000 a month to consistently earning over $10,000 a month in 1 year

RoopeKiuttu Success Post

Not just cash Roope earned his trip to Vegas by referring 300 people to an affiliate program

dylanrieger success story

Dylan is the master of "Best Of Posts" and as you can see he does very well out of them 

Things To Consider Before You Start

There are a couple of very important points I would like to cover before we go any further.

I just want to reiterate that affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. If you are searching for something that is going to make you $1000 a day in the first 24 hours then this is not for you and I’d be pretty confident to say if you go down that track you will get scammed out of a lot of your money very quickly.

Those types of programs do not work. I can’t be plainer than that. Anyone who offers you huge rewards, with no effort and requires no skills is simply scamming you and getting rich by deception.

Don’t waste your time and money - if you want to build a sustainable, long term business which will bring in passive income then go with affiliate marketing.

It does take time and dedication on your part. After all you are building a business which will provide the lifestyle you want - to be able to generate as much passive income as you need or want and for the rest of your life.

Isn’t that worth a bit of effort to get up and running?

If you are the go-getter type and you’ve read enough already you can join me for free on the platform I use to host and build my online business and get started down the path of earning money right now.

The rest of what I am going to discuss in this guide will be covered as part of your free membership but if you are not ready to get started just yet then read on.

Your Concerns Answered

Usually about this time some people have two major concerns.

  • What will I blog about?
  • I don’t know anything about building a website!

What Will I Blog About?

This is the first enjoyable part of affiliate marketing - you get to choose what you want your website to be about. This is called a niche.

And it can be about absolutely anything you want it to be. This is where you turn your passion into a profitable business.

I encourage people to think about their hobbies, what they enjoy doing in their spare time, what really sparks their interest and they love to talk about or do. Ask yourself this question:

“I can’t wait for the weekend because I will be ………………………………………………”

You fill in the blank and that can be what your website is about.

So let’s stay with the pussy cats. Say I think “I can’t wait for the weekend because I will be able to spend time with my cats”.

Narrowing Down Your Niche

A niche is actually a group of people and they will be your target audience for your website. These are the people that you will be blogging to and for.

Taking our example our niche could be people who own cats or more specifically people who have added a new kitten to their family. These are your people.

child with scottish fold cat sitting on veranda

Many new marketers get caught up in the product(s) they want to sell and say their niche site is about Product X. A product is not a niche.

You need to understand your people so you know what they will be searching for on the internet, what problems they have and how you are going to help them.

Your main focus must always be to help your niche first not to sell.

Handy Hint: If you are still having problems deciding on a niche ask your friends and family what you can talk about for hours, what your hobbies are or what you like doing in your spare time. Sometimes they know us better than we know ourselves.

Can I make Money in this Niche?

So you have an idea for your niche, you know what people you want to be helping, the next thing to consider is how will you make money from your site?

Sticking with the new kitten owners once again you would think they will want lots of information like:

  • How best to toilet train my kitten? Litter trays, cat litter, litter tray liners, litter deodorant
  • What is the best food to feed my cat? Premium brand kitten feed, biscuits, tinned food, dental chews
  • How to introduce my kitten to the older cat? Spray to mask smell, carry crate to keep them separate
  • How to groom long haired cats? Brushes, combs
  • What toys are safe for my kitten? So so many toys, climbing trees
  • Where should my kitten sleep and how to get them to stop crying? Cat beds

So you can see already there are plenty of products that you would be marketing to help these people with their questions and problems.

What Products are Available?

The next task is to jump on Amazon and have a look at what is selling there in the field of cat products. I recommend Amazon because they make it so easy to see what people are buying.

They also help you out with even more ideas of what cat people are searching for with their own question and answer segments. So you can target the same blog posts and put your own spin on the content.

When I quickly check Amazon for cat products I get “does my cat need both wet and dry food?” Do you reckon Amazon has products to cover this question? You betcha and that is what you will do also.

You can become an affiliate partner with Amazon and refer your cat people straight there through your affiliate link to purchase the products that can help them.

I will go into how to choose your affiliate partners further down the Guide but you can start to see how you will choose the products that will make money for you.

Do People Buy These Products Online?

The other consideration is do your niche buy products online? Just because you can find an affiliate partner who has the products you want to market doesn’t mean the niche is a profitable one.

You also need to consider the logistics of people buying online. If you promote products that people will want to touch and feel before they buy you will have a hard time getting them to click your link.

Affiliate Partners

Some of this can be overcome - look at the fashion industry. Who would have thought people would buy clothes or shoes without going into the store to try them on?

And yet when provided with enough information, so they don’t need to go in store, the online fashion shopping industry is absolutely booming.

There are some products that traditionally don’t sell well online, one of these being large white goods. Things like washing machines and fridges. Simply the cost of freight to buy online and have it delivered can be a killer.

Also do your niche have an aversion to buying online?

One example might be the uber-wealthy purchasing very expensive jewellery. Obviously they have the money, and the commissions would be fantastic, but realistically they are going into their favourite high end jeweller to look and try on, probably not buying their diamond bracelets online.     

Back to Amazon again. They also have their best sellers within each category of their store. By looking at cat products I can see that people buy A LOT of cat litter online so I’d be sure to write a product review featuring Amazon’s best selling cat litter and a blog on toilet training cats so I can link the two.  

Writing Content

Some people also worry that they don’t have the skills to write. If you can talk you can write a blog.

The language you use will be the same as if you were talking to another person about your niche. No big fancy words, no English essays, just write how you speak and you will have a profitable blog.

With so many tools available these days you don’t need a college degree to be successful with blogging. You can check your spelling and grammar, access online dictionaries and even translate - all online and for free.

Handy Hint: You don’t even need to type anymore. Google Docs has a speech to text translator so you can just speak your blog and Docs types it out for you all ready to go.

Owning A Website Is Fun Not Scary

No really it is! With the platform I am going to show you building a website is simple. You do not need to have any technical skills or design knowledge to build a beautiful, and more importantly profitable, website.

You don’t need to know about coding or HTML or any of that techy stuff these days. Building a website can be done with a few clicks of the mouse and in as little as 5 minutes you will have the framework of your website set up.

Remember how I said anyone can do this? I wasn’t pulling your leg and better still very soon I will show you where you can build your first website for free.

But before we build it lets make some decision about a couple of things.

Domain Name

If you are not sure what a domain name is it is simply the address of your website on the internet. Your piece of internet real estate. So for my site it is There is no need for the www before domain names these days, we’ve moved on from that.

While your domain name isn’t specifically used to rank your site on Google there are a couple of important considerations before you decide.

  • The name should be catchy and easy to remember. So rather than go for I might choose Also along these lines don’t deliberately misspell your domain name eg. this will only confuse people.  
  • It should be reasonably short (mine is as long as you’d want to go). The longer you make it the more chance people will spell it incorrectly or mistype it if they are searching for the site directly.
  • It should accurately represent what your website is about. This is a little bit variable eg. Apple is obviously not about apples but about phones, watches, technology. You can do this but remember how much marketing you are going to have to do to get your site branded so it is memorable. Also you don’t want to call your site and then produce a website about cats.

It is an exciting time buying your first domain name but when you do go to buy take your time. Make sure you are happy with it and read it through at least twice to make sure you have spelt it correctly. Once you press buy now you are stuck with it for at least 12 months.

I see so many people ask “how can I change my domain name I spelt it wrong” this is usually 1 minute after they paid for it and then realised their mistake!

You can’t change it and there is no way around that. You are stuck with it, unless you fork out and buy another one, so it pays to take your time.

Domain names renew each year and of course you don’t have to renew it but you will have spent 12 months building up your site under that name and it can cause real setbacks if you decide to change it that far down the track.

A domain name will cost you about $13 - $15 dollars annually.

I will show you how you can start a website on a sub-domain for free which means you don’t have to buy a domain name right away. This is a great way to start in affiliate marketing because it won’t cost you a cent. That’s a bit further down the Guide.

Handy Hint: Take some time to choose your domain name before you buy it, you will have it for at least 12 months.

Website Name

You will also have a website name. This usually appears at the top of your website and you might at some stage create a logo for your website which could be used in the title as well as other promotions for your website.

Your website name can be the same as your domain name but it doesn’t have to be exactly the same. So for our example the domain name is but the site name might be Kitten Capers Galore or My Kittens Capers.   

It’s worth taking some time to consider a catchy title for your site. Something that motivates you and gets you excited about the possibilities for your site.

Don’t agonise over it though, you can easily change the website title at any stage. What you can’t change once you’ve bought it is the domain name.

Themes - The Look & Feel

Now comes the exciting part. The look and feel of your website is determined by the theme you choose. For those new to building websites I suggest you go with a free theme that has import demo data.

Import Demo Data

If you choose a theme with demo data when your website is built it will have all the elements of a front page included, like a ready made template, that you can then go and modify. If you choose a theme without demo data you will have to create the front page from scratch!

This makes a lot of extra work, and can take time for you to learn about each different element, how to get it on the page where you want it etc.. This is a waste of your time! And might see you get frustrated with the process when it doesn’t need to be difficult.

Free theme by ThemeGrill

I recommend the free ThemeGrill themes - that's one above. They have 10 free ones you can choose from, all are mobile friendly and come with import demo data. Check out their blogs which showcase almost 100 different free themes and the benefits of each one plus you can see what they will look like on your website.

Handy Hint: I like to research themes via Google first. It saves heaps of time adding themes in Wordpress only to find you don’t really like them. Do your Google research first.

Mobile Friendly Themes

It is very important to have a mobile friendly theme. With so many of us surfing the web on our smartphones and tablets it is essential that your site is mobile friendly. Google also rates mobile friendly sites higher than those that aren't. So keep that in mind when you choose a theme.

Now once again don’t agonise over the theme choice. Have a bit of a look around at various options but then you have to make a decision. Themes can consume a huge amount of time which is better spent learning how to make money and building out your website.

You are not stuck with the theme once you choose it. They are easily changed at any time. I know a lot of very successful marketers that change their themes every year just for something different and to give their sites a fresh new look.

Handy Hint: Choosing a theme can take up a lot of time, just choose one and move forward. You can change it at anytime.

Finding Products & Services

Choosing Good Partners

As we started to talk about earlier marketing great products through your website is the main way you will make money. So you need affiliate partners to do that.

Affiliate partners are the businesses who actually have the product or service and will sell it to your niche people. They are the ones who will set the sale price, package up the goods and get it to the customer you referred to them.

Your affiliate partner business will provide you with the affiliate link that you will include in your blogs that the customer clicks on and that generates your commission.

You can see they are important people. So how do you find them?

Back to Google search and put in “your niche + affiliate partner”. So in the example of our kitten website we would put in cat products + affiliate partners. First up comes Petco so we would check out their affiliate program, see what sort of products they have, how easy it is to buy from them, what commissions they are going to pay you etc..

There are also a few other bloggers who have articles highlighting the Top 10 Affiliate Programs - check them out as well for good recommendations.

You need to do some homework now and decide which partners you will go with.

Handy Hint: You don’t need heaps of partners, just good ones. So take some time and to start with choose two or three affiliate partners only and sign up with their programs.   

Affiliate Networks

As well as individual businesses who have affiliate programs there are what we call affiliate networks. These are businesses who gather lots of companies together and offer a huge range of products or service through the one affiliate program. Amazon are an affiliate network.

So while you buy from Amazon they are actually selling millions of products from all sorts of businesses. This is great for us because we only need one partner to have access to millions of great products.

A few affiliate networks you might want to check out are:

Amazon Associates - an excellent choice as they are well known & trusted

Clickbank - mostly digital products, e-books and online courses

ShareASale - huge cross section of products from home & garden to fashion and everything in between

Amazon logo

Which Networks Should You Join?

That’s really up to you and what products you wish to market on your site.

Handy Hint: Don’t write a product review or blog post highlighting a product before you get your affiliate approval. Not every affiliate partner will approve you to market their products so make sure you have an affiliate link before you spend time writing your blog!

The Easy Way To Start Your Online Business

So now you have all the information and have decided on your niche and a domain name for your website you are probably very keen to put all this into practice.

Heidi and Jonny

I would like to quickly share with you how I started in affiliate marketing and where I still host all my websites and continue my education even to this day.

That’s me on the horse (his name is Jonny'N'Dry) you might have guessed my other website is in the niche of new horse owners.

With the information I have given you so far you can go anywhere and start a website but I personally know and recommend this platform. It has been around for 14 years and has over 1.3 million members.

They are the most trusted affiliate marketing website on the internet and they provide the very best value for money to those who want to build an online business.

Also if you have enjoyed my teaching so far through this guide, you can have me as your mentor and coach when you join me at Wealthy Affiliate. Even if you have questions or would like to keep chatting about your plans and how to get started after you finish reading this guide you can join me at Wealthy Affiliate for free.

I would love to be able to help you achieve your goals in the online space and this is a free and easy way for us to work together to do that.

Free Starter Membership

And yes you did read that right you can do that for free.  Wealthy Affiliate offers everyone access to their platform free of charge so you can investigate it for yourself.

They understand people have been burnt with scams and because they are proud of what they offer they allow you to give it a test run at absolutely no cost and with no obligation to stay if it isn’t for you. 

zero risk starter membership

You don’t need your credit card, you can just click on the button above and see for yourself.

You get all the benefits of being a Premium member for 7 days so you can really try out all that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

After the 7 days you can stay free forever or if you like what you see and think it is the right place for you to build your online business you can upgrade to the Premium membership.

No Upsells - Only Two Choices

No one will hassle you and there are no other upgrades you are either a free Starter Member or you are a Premium member. That is it! You won’t have to keep putting your hand in your pocket for more and more upsells.

And of course the decision is always yours and you can cancel your membership at anytime.

Your One Stop Shop

This is one of the biggest reasons I encourage all new entrepreneurs to join me at Wealthy Affiliate - it will be your one stop shop for your online business.

Instead of having your website hosted by one company, buying your domain name of someone else, getting your security certificate from another business and seeking training from all over the internet you can do it all at Wealthy Affiliate.

The real beauty of this is if you have any problems with any aspect of your website the technical support at Wealthy Affiliate can fix it for you because they have access to all the behind the scenes workings for your website when it is all done through them.

Not only does it streamline your business it saves you money too.

Free Websites

As I said above you can join and check out Wealthy Affiliate for free on the Starter Membership and you can build your website for free also.

You are given two websites as part of the free Starter Membership so that you can start the process and really get a feel for affiliate marketing and see if it is for you.

These sites are what are called sub-domain websites so your domain name will look like this:

These are fine when you are starting out and you can start immediately without paying one cent and keep building out your website but eventually you will be better off having your own domain name as we have talked about earlier.

Once you are ready to take that step it is as simple as one button click to move your subdomain website to your brand new domain (assuming you buy your domain name with Wealthy Affiliate) so none of the work you do on the free website will be lost or wasted.

But to start with this is the perfect way for you to test out building a website, see what affiliate marketing is really like and also check out the training offered at Wealthy Affiliate all without spending a cent, or committing yourself to this before you have a chance to test drive it.

Sound like a fair deal? If you want to check it out click the link below.

Build Your Website Here - Simple Website Builder

OK are you ready to build your very first affiliate marketing website?

Take a deep breath it will all be OK. It is a simple 5 step process and I have created a short video so you can see that it really is as simple as that.

Honestly anyone can build a website. I know 80 year olds who have very basic computer skills making substantial money in the online space. You can do it too!

Click on the video below and check it out.

If you are ready to build your website now let’s take the next step.
Pop the website domain name you chose earlier in the box below and let's get rolling.

Step By Step Easy To Follow Training

Being new to affiliate marketing you will need training so that you build out your website the very best way possible so that it makes money.

There are plenty of failed blogs out there, that just didn’t make money, because their owners didn’t know the right way to go about it.

It isn’t rocket science but you need to learn from experienced marketers who have made the mistakes, to save you having to make them too. This will save you months of time and potentially thousands of dollars in lost income.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is task oriented step by step training designed to walk you through every single aspect from setting up your website to monetising it and then scaling it up as big as you want it to be.

Each lesson has a practical aspect so you continue building your site as you learn.

Online Entrepreneur Training

The lesson are easy to follow, many have videos walking you through the steps to do on your website and they are written is a non-technical way, just like I am talking to you now.

And you can proceed at your own pace. If you need to take a break for a few days or a week, you just pick up where you left off when you get back. It doesn’t matter how long you take to work your way through the training (or how quickly).

This is not a race and you are not in competition with anyone else.

There are no deadlines or cut-off points within the training. Every course and every level is available to you for as long as you are a Premium member. You can go back and re-watch the videos or re-do any of the lessons at anytime.

I have fully completed the Online Certification, and even re-done a few of the modules as well, so I am very familiar with all aspects of the course and can help you with any queries you may have at anytime.

Online Entrepreneur Certification Lessons
Level 1 Tasks within each lesson

There are 5 Levels with 10 lesson in each as part of the Online Certification Course which is where I recommend you begin.

You get Level 1 and the first 10 lesson for free on the Starter Membership so you can get stuck in and check out the training and start building your website straight away.

At the end of each lesson you have tasks, which is the practical aspect, and I strongly encourage you to do each task as it is presented.

This builds your site logically and teaches you the right way so that no important steps are missed.

There is a discussion forum at the bottom of the Levels too so you can ask any additional questions if anything is unclear. You can also go back and read the lesson or watch the videos again at any time.

The Community

The WA member community is an absolute goldmine. It’s like a whole new social media platform but dedicated to helping you succeed.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform operates 24/7 with members from all over the world online all the time. With 800,000 active members from over 195 countries you are sure to find like minded people at WA.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform is built on a pay it forward mentality and everyone helps everyone else. It is an amazing place to be a part of!

Members share their hints and tips as well as motivational stories and ask for help from others through their WA Member blog posts.

More experienced members often write their own training courses for others to access.

Personally I have made fantastic friends and colleagues and couldn’t imagine being without the support of the WA Community on my journey.

More Success Stories

I have included three more recent success stories from Wealthy Affiliate members. These guys learnt everything from Wealthy Affiliate and are now achieving their dreams of passive income.

They are doing it and you can too. You can read the full blog post from each of them by clicking on the image.

RD40 WA success story
Eddy Salomon WA Success Story
Jerry Huang WA Success Story
Live Chat Example 1

Live Chat

Live chat is fantastic. You can get immediate answers to your questions at anytime day or night from other members.

It’s also a great place to catch up with your online friends for a good old chat. I am in there about the same time each evening and have formed great bonds with those who are likewise in there about the same time.

There is often a little bit of light-hearted banter amongst the pearls of wisdom from members.

You will also often find the WA co-founders Kyle and Carson, or WA’s Live trainer Jay in Live Chat.

You get the feeling that every member counts at WA and this is especially evident in live chat where people share their knowledge so openly.

We are not in competition with each other because there is so much scope to make money online that we can all be successful.

Secure Website Hosting

Your website will be hosted at Wealthy Affiliate also. Like I said it really is a one stop shop. So you don’t need to worry about finding a web host for your site it is all included in your membership.

And the hosting is first class as well. Successful affiliate sites are fast, secure and always available. This is exactly what you get with WA hosting. Only the best for your new online business! Wealthy Affiliate offers the best managed Wordpress hosting anywhere on the internet.

Site Speed

Site Speed is a major factor in how well your site will perform. No one wants to waiting around for a web page to load right! Fast site speed is achieved by hosting your site on one of the world's most powerful servers. Achieving an average page load time of 1.3 seconds is standard at WA.

Double Hosting

All member sites are double hosted. What does that mean? It means if your website is ever down for any reason they have a mirror of the site running at all times. Your visitors will never know and will have the same great experience on your website as always.   

Site Back Ups

Your site is backed up every 24 hours so if you do make a little (or a major) whoopsy you don’t need to worry because the Technical Support guys will be able to restore your site back just the way it was.

Hosting Security

Imagine all your hard work gone through some random hacking attempt!

Unfortunately there are those out there who would do your site harm through spamming and bots set to disable your site. WA offer hosting security to shield your site from harm and have blocked 27,195,900 hacking attempts on members sites this past year alone.

Technical Support

The tech support at WA is outstanding. These guys work 24/7 and are available to help fix any bugs or tech troubles you may have with your site. Issues that you would pay an IT expert hundreds of dollars to fix are all sorted free of charge as part of your membership.

These guys are quick and thorough and I have never had a problem they couldn’t fix. The piece of mind having Tech Support available to you is worth the membership fee alone.

Ongoing Training

Online marketing is a fast changing business and without the right ongoing training it is easy to get left behind. WA offers weekly webinars as well as training created by members on the most current and up to date fads and trends affecting the affiliate marketing world.

Weekly Live Webinars

The weekly live webinars are hosted by WA’s Live Trainer Jay Niell and are 1 hour of absolute dynamite. Jay and the WA training team have a wealth of experience and the webinars not only impart information but you have a chance to ask your questions through live chat during and after each session.


There are also 13 different classrooms with even more training and opportunities to ask your specific questions to other more experienced members or direct to Jay or the Wealthy Affiliate co-founders Kyle and Carson.

13 additional classrooms at WA

The training provided is so extensive and just keeps growing and updating.

You can not fail if you follow the tried and true methods provided for you.

Membership Option Summary

Free ​​​​Starter vs Premium Membership

Now I know I have thrown quite a lot of information at you particularly about the various aspects of the Wealthy Affiliate membership options so I thought it would be helpful to provide you with a comparison chart to make it all a bit clearer.

And I have only just scratched the surface of what is provided, so hopefully the table below gives you a good idea of the immense value being a member at Wealthy Affiliate will give you.

The Premium membership is offered as follows:

  • On a month by month basis at $49
  • 6 month membership at $234 ($39 p/month)
  • 12 month membership at $359 ($29.92 p/month)

I provide this information to be completely transparent about the costs to run your business and joining as a Premium member but initially I recommend you join as a free Starter Member and check it out for yourself.

The only other cost you may wish to consider down the track is the purchase of a domain name at $13 - $15.

My Gift To You 

As my gift to you for joining up with me, if you do decide to join as a Premium Member I can offer you the first month of Premium at only $19 (that's 59% off the monthly price).

This gives you a further 30 days after your first free 7 days to decide if this is right for you.

And of course you get me as your guide and mentor for as long as you’ll have me!

My #1 Recommendation

I can’t encourage you enough to join me at Wealthy Affiliate. It will be the best decision you have made towards increasing your income and profiting online.

It has everything you need to be successful. You can stop looking around for various ways to make money online and “investing” in all sorts of programs and scams and really concentrate on getting your online business up and running the right way.

This is a proven system, it works for everyone, every time. It is really that simple.

If you are serious about making money through the internet Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the tools, training and support to make it happen and I’d love to be your guide and mentor on the journey.

I recommend you sign up for the free Starter Membership and try it for yourself. Satisfy your curiosity and see if it really is as good as I am saying. I know you won’t be disappointed.

I hope you found The How To Affiliate Marketing Guide helpful in making your decision about how to proceed with your making money online goals. And as I said if you have  any questions or further queries please join me for free at Wealthy Affiliate and I will help you as much as I can.

If you are ready to start your online business click the button below and I’ll see you inside WA.

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