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Want to start making money online? You’ve been trawling the internet and decided that affiliate marketing with a niche website is the cheapest and easiest way to start an online business. And you’d be right!

Now let me show you how to buy a niche website the smart way.

Buy Smart - Don’t Be Like Heidi

When I started out in affiliate marketing I built my first site from scratch and I knew nothing at all about WordPress or coding, I had no graphic design background and definitely no understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

I was flying by the seat of my pants, and through quite a lot of trial and error, I managed to create a very basic and in hindsight, fairly ugly website. But hey it was mine and it had all my blood, sweat and tears poured into it.

I was as proud as punch with my site. Although I knew it probably should look more professional and that maybe it was a little difficult for my readers to navigate around, but it was a pretty good start I reasoned with myself.

purple background website design

What I didn't know at the time was that there was a better, easier and faster way to design my own site or that I could indeed pay someone else, with more skills than I had at the time, to do the groundwork for me.

These are the two options I would like to explore with you today so you can buy a niche site the smart way and start your affiliate marketing journey.

Option 1: DIY - Design Your Own Site

If you would like to learn to become an online entrepreneur from the ground up, and have the satisfaction and pride in having built your website from scratch plus saved yourself some dollars then I have a great deal for you.  

Wealthy Affiliate is where I currently design, build and host all my websites and I can tell you with 100% certainty you will not get a better deal on your hosting alone. If you would like more information on WA check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019 recently updated and current for the year to come.

That’s without all the other benefits of being a member such as - being part of a community of like-minded individuals and growing your skills and knowledge with the best in the business.

web hosting cartoon computer

When you join me at Wealthy Affiliate you can build your own site, have it hosted with all the security features and tech support you need and avail yourself of the most comprehensive affiliate marketing training available on the internet all for $359 per annum.

Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy to buy your domain name also through them for as little as $13 a year.  

If you don’t have the full yearly amount don’t be deterred you can also pay monthly. The monthly cost is $19 for the first month, then $49 per month after that.

So are you ready to buy a niche website with 12 months hosting for around a $1 per day?   

The owners are so confident that you will love WA that they offer a 7-day Starter Membership so that you can try it out without having to pay and if you don’t think it’s for you then you simply log out and never return.

No risk, no obligation and no credit card required.

Click here to access Wealthy Affiliate’s Website Design and build your niche website for free. 

You will start building your website immediately on the Starter Membership but it will be necessary to upgrade to Premium Membership to access all the resources for learning and hosting your website.

Your Mentor - Help When You Need It

If you do decide to build your own niche website at Wealthy Affiliate I will be your mentor within the Wealthy Affiliate platform and be able to help guide you and answer any questions you may have as you build your website.

You will be able to private message me, talk to me in live chat and I can view your website and make suggestions and also answer any training queries you may have along the way.

You will get my absolute support to ensure your website makes money and you don’t waste valuable time making mistakes that could be avoided.  

Option 2: I Can Build A Niche Site For You

If you are not confident in your ability to design and build a beautiful site from scratch, even with training and support, I do offer a web design service and can build you a niche site to start you off the right way.

You would get all the services offered above included your 1st year of Premium membership at WA, all the training, 12 months web hosting, technical support and me as your charming and clever mentor.

I will build you a mobile-friendly WordPress site featuring a beautiful, modern theme designed around the niche of your choice. You will get to choose between 10 free themes for your website.

Themegrill Esteem theme

If you are not sure what you want your niche site to be about I can help you with good niche selection and research so we build a site that not only looks beautiful but will make money for you over the long term.

Your website would have all the mandatory pages set up ready for you to start blogging plus all required plugins installed and activated.

This includes:

  • Professional Inviting Home Page
  • About Me/Us
  • Contact Us (inc. contact form)
  • Privacy Policy
  • Affiliate Disclaimer
  • GDPR Compliance plugin (installed and activated)

Don’t worry if you are not familiar with some of those terms, as your mentor I will explain it all to you as the site build occurs.

Depending on my workload your website design and build will take from 1 - 3 days but you can start with the training right away and getting a feel for affiliate marketing and becoming an online entrepreneur.

buying online shopping carts

Once complete I will hand over your site ready for you to keep on with the training and start building out your new website. This is your website and I would hold no copyright or creative content rights to your site at this point.

I will also provide ongoing assistance, free of charge, for the lifetime of your Wealthy Affiliate membership. This including being available as an Administrator for your site in case you need me to actually jump in and fix any issues with your site design and layout.

$500 will get you your own beautiful niche website set up and ready for you to start blogging within 3 days, plus all the added benefits of being a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member.

If you would like me to build a niche site for you so you can start your affiliate marketing journey the right way click the button below.

This will take you to the sign-up page for your Wealthy Affiliate membership and remember the first 7 days is completely free.

Once you have signed up I will be in touch within WA so we can get cracking on building your niche site right away.

Already A WA Member And Need Help

If you are already a Wealthy Affiliate member I offer the following packages at a reduced rate to my WA family:

  • Complete website re-design for a more professional polished look for your site - $100
  • Logo design - $60
  • Improved navigation and layout of existing blogs and content including sidebar, menus and widgets - Price dependant on client requirements, minimum 1 hour ($50).

If you would like my help with your site click on the button below which will take you to my Shop page for you to book and pay for your package. Please add your Wealthy Affiliate username in the Order Notes at checkout so that I can contact you within WA.

Once I receive your order I will be in touch within WA and we can get started on improving your website straight away.

Be Smart

My best advice is don't buy an off the shelf ready-made niche site until you have learnt the principles of affiliate marketing. There is no point you having a website with all the bells and whistles if you don’t know how to monetise it to give you a long-term income.

We are doing this to make money right?

It is a much better plan to buy a niche site you have had input into developing. Whether that be by designing it yourself or having a more experienced affiliate marketer do it for you but in conjunction with you so it is tailored to your needs.

Set yourself up for success right from the start.
Don't fumble around in the dark wasting time and money.

It is wise to choose a niche that you have some affinity with, this is often a hobby or a pastime that you love and can talk for hours about.

golf ball on putting green

By choosing either of the two options above you will get a niche site that is personalised for you and you have access to all the training you need to manage your website and build it out so it makes money. 

Anyone, even with no previous experience, can be successful online if you follow this formula and with this training. This I can absolutely guarantee you.

These are the best way to get yourself into making money on the internet. I'd love to help you get there and you will save 1000's of dollars and 100's of hours of time with a mentor to guide you. You do not need to go it alone.

I came across the video below when I was doing research about what makes a great niche site. Doug Cunnington is the absolute master of niche sites and he does a complete review of this very profitable dog food site.

This is absolute gold and a must watch if you are considering getting into a niche site.


If you have any questions about what you get and whether it is right for you please feel free to drop me a comment below.

I’d love to help you get into a niche site and start earning online - click the button below and take up the 7 day FREE Starter membership, check it out for yourself, and let's build your niche website together.

Note: All prices are in $US dollars and current at time of publishing.

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  1. Hey,,, those figures look so large for a beginner especially for those of us that are students and still depending on our parents for survival. Although I’m a already a WA Member and I’m loving it… If I was just getting started, I’d have purchased through your link and learn. What matters is that I’d get all the support I need.

    It’s awesome to see you offer those services too.

    1. Hi Eazzy and thanks for stopping by for a read. I don’t think $500 for a fully set up and ready to blog website is expensive, considering the going rate for local marketing sites seems to start at around $4,500. A well designed and laid out site does take time to build and this simply short cuts that process for those new to affiliate marketing.

      Really glad you found Wealthy Affiliate thought, it is hands down the best place to get started building a niche site. Look forward to seeing you around within WA and best wishes on your success.


  2. This is an interesting and fairly unique service you are providing. I am already a WA member but in the future perhaps I could use a redesign on one of my sites,right now it is sitting in limbo as I am focusing all my attention to my main site right now. A question though once you set up a new site for someone do you trnsfer that site to thier account or does it remain under your account?

    1. Hi Cathy smart move to concentrate on one site at a time. I made the mistake early on for building two and most days I wish I’d just stuck with one, but live and learn hey. I just love both my niches and so I am persevering with the two.

      All new sites are set up right from the word go within the members account so they can access it as I build it also. I’ve found this way they can progress with the training without needing to wait for the site build to be complete. I simply work away in the background getting it designed and functioning correctly.

      Thanks for your comment and if you do decide on a redesign of your second site I’d love to take a look.

  3. Yo dude. I like it that you are offering to help anyone who wants to build a niche website and I certainly believe that Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to kick off. This is where I got started and sincerely speaking, the support over there has been mind blowing! I keep getting motivated and I never want to look back. If I ever need your services… After many years of toiling, I’m glad I found WA. 🙂

    1. Hey Vwegba good to see you. The support through the community at WA is brilliant that’s for sure. I have made lifelong friends and colleagues there and wouldn’t be without them. 

      As online marketers we often work by ourselves day in and day out and being able to access the community for questions or just to share your achievements or frustrations is a goldmine. Not to mention the ongoing training, I really enjoy the live webinars every week, always up to date and revealing new ways to succeed in our business. 

  4. Hello Heidi. A beautiful happy 2019 to you. Thank you for sharing this post which enlightens us about how to build a niche website the smart way. You are so right about the don’t buy a website that is already up and running. As for I’d prefer to go through the troubles and stress building my niche website. An help from a mentor would be awesome too.

    1. And a Happy New Year to you too Barry. What a wonderful time it is, full of hope and new beginnings. I love it. 

      Definitely building a niche website doesn’t need to be stressful, if fact it should be an exciting and fun process and with the right assistance it can be just that.

      My best wishes to you for a prosperous 2019 and of course if you need my assistance at all through Wealthy Affiliate just reach out via private message and I will be able only to happy to help.

  5. Hi, these are some awesome offers you have here.

    I’m working on my website for some time now and always find new problems with it. Just since a few days Google tells me that I have 2 mobile errors. Or my loading speed is very slow.

    $500 is not that much for a Year with WA and a perfect build website design. I guess the post content I have to create my self but now with the new WordPress system this is getting easier too.

    I’ll get in touch inside WA and see what you could do for me 🙂

    1. Hi Stefan yes I know plenty of people want to shave off time when they start in affiliate marketing and spending months trying to get your site set up the right way when you could be blogging is just that … simply a waste of time. 

      The off the shelf niche market where you buy a ready made site promoting say lawn-mowers is one way. I firmly believe that if you do not have the education to keep running your website you are setting yourself up for failure. This is why I package up the Premium Membership with all the training as an inclusion so budding entrepreneurs are learning the right way from the get go.

      Do drop me a line inside WA. I look forward to working with you.  

  6. This is good to know. As a newbie, this gives me confidence that there are a lot of options and help out there. I didn’t such services are offered within WA by other successful members like you. I would definitely keep you in mind. I am currently working on my own website. I may need the services you offered in the future. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Sheila thanks for stopping by for a read. These are services I offer outside of Wealthy Affiliate to everyone and anyone. I firmly believe WA is the best and only place on the internet to start a niche website.

      I thought I should extend the offer to WA members also as I know the platform and have done the training so I have a good idea of what members are looking to achieve.

      Best wishes with your website build, it is an exciting time watching your site come together, and learning and doing at the same time is the very best way to understand this business from the inside out. You are going to kill it!

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