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Not those kind ...

Not those kind of zombies, although the kind I'm talking about do resemble them! You know the ones ... the people who sleepwalk through life, not knowing where they are going or what they can achieve. So they stay in their mundane little world, not striving or looking for anything more ... those kinds of zombies.

So why do you need to beat them and how do you go about doing that? Read on for my top tips on how to beat the zombies and elevate your life and your income.

There are different types of zombies

It might surprise you to know that there are different types of zombies. Yep they are not all the same vacant-eyed, lumbering undead you see in the movies. Unfortunately, today's modern zombie is just as dangerous.

The Naysayers

These guys are the most dangerous and also probably the most common type. Unfortunately because there are so many of them in our world it's hard to not come in contact with them. When you do they will quickly try to drag you down with their negativity and sap you of your ambitions.

Zombie Naysayers

You would know the ones, these are the zombies that say "oh there's no money to be made online these days", "why are you wasting your time trying to make money with affiliate marketing?"

And your resolve starts to melt. You start to think maybe they know what they are talking because they say it with such conviction. And your mind starts to believe their rhetoric - maybe there isn't any money to be made, maybe online isn't where it's at and then you start frantically searching for other ways to elevate your life.

First up question whether that zombie actually has any experience in the online world. You will find 9 times out of 10 they haven't given it a go themselves but they heard about their cousins' brother's ex-girlfriend who tried blogging for 2 weeks and she didn't make any money!

Don't allow their negativity to weaken your resolve. Always remember the why!

Why you started? Why you want a better life for yourself and your family? It is the WHY that will help you rise above those who would drag you back to their level with negativity.

If you feel yourself questioning whether people do actually make money affiliate marketing read this blog by my colleague Vitaliy who shares 12 months of figures from his one website which is making $50,000 - Can Someone Make a Full-time Income?

Mediocre Madness

These zombies have no plan and therefore no way to elevate themselves above zombie status, this leaves them being mediocre at best. This poses a threat to your ambitions because they need to bring you back down to their level so they don't feel so mediocre.

Faceless office

Now I'm not saying there is anything wrong with being you every day, run-of-the-mill zombie if that's all you aspire too. The world needs people who are happy to just be another number, working the 9 - 5 for an average wage, being told exactly what to do every day by the boss, not being creative or having to make decisions and not striving to get ahead.

That's not me and I'm guessing if you made it to this website that's not you either.

These guys will say things like "oh you spend too much time working on that website, take a break and come out with us", or "why bother putting in the time and effort when you don't even know if it will work?".

Affiliate marketing takes a commitment of time and effort before you will see the rewards. It can be difficult to keep on blogging and learning while your site finds some traction with the search engines and you start to build a following. It is during this time that the Mediocre Zombies are most likely to be able to take you down.

You need to have faith that you have chosen the right niche, that you are using quality keywords and optimising your blogs for search engine optimisation. If you are sure that you have learnt the right way to construct a profitable blog and you are implementing the correct techniques you can withstand an onslaught by this type of zombie.

If you are not sure that you are learning the right way check out these 10 free lessons on affiliate marketing. I can't speak highly enough of Wealthy Affiliate University and you can check out their training free of charge through the link above.

Zombies can be overcome

You do not need to fear the zombies, in fact you can use them for your gain. Whenever you come in contact with a zombie recognise them for what they are and use them to redouble your efforts to ensure you do not fall slave to the zombie apocalypse.

Try to surround yourself with motivated people, the go-getters of this world. If you can't find them in your offline life then track them down online. There are thousands of people doing today what you aim for. Know that it can be done and others are succeeding right now.

Set your goals high. Reach for the stars. Don't shortchange yourself by setting average goals lest you become a mediocre zombie.

Each and every one of us has the capacity to not only rise above the every day, but to shine and live the most abundant life we can imagine.

Shoot for the stars

Read motivational stories of personal success and access the very best education on developing a positive mindset.

Feeding your brain with quality content is like a vaccine against the zombies. They simply can't survive in the presence of one who is so driven to succeed, someone who never doubts that success will be reached, and who takes action towards their ultimate life.

I strongly advise against trying to help the zombies. You are better served by directing your efforts inward. I'm not saying a zombie can't be cured but it is not your job to do so and you will be wasting valuable time that could be spent getting you where you need to go.

Never lose focus of the ultimate life you can have and why you started down this path in the first place. The why is always more powerful than the how. Once you know why you can determine how to get there but your why must come first.

2 Bonus Tips

I also wanted to include a link to the article that inspired this blog. It's called "Why wake up at 4am and beat the zombies" from the fantastic website addicted2success.com. I stumbled upon this article and have been putting it into practice for a few weeks now.

As I finish up this blog it is currently 4.33am.

I find I get so much more done in the day now that I'm up at 4am, I can spend 2 solid hours working on my business before I need to do anything else. 2 hours of uninterrupted time before the rest of the house gets up, it's peaceful and there's not a zombie in sight!

Check out the article and start setting your alarm for 4am - I reckon you'll be surprised at the results.

And No #2 bonus tip is a quick video from one of my favourite motivators Dr Wayne Dyer for you below. This inspiring video will show you 5 ways to ensure you don't become a Naysayer or Mediocre Zombie and rise above the pack. Take a few minutes to watch I'm sure you'll love it.

So there you go The Ultimate How To Beat The Zombies Guide condensed into 1000 words. If you have come across a zombie lately and have lived to tell the tale we'd love to hear from you. Tell us your zombie stories in the comment box below.

see you at the top sign off


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  1. You are talking about toxic energy vampire type of people. I have so many in my life that I need to deflect on a daily basis. My mother for instance, is a Naysayer and a Narcissist. She feels like she needs to be the best in the family and be the most ambitious. I am trying to make an online business for myself and she continuously tells me that I am wasting my time, I should be going to college or a TRADE school, ugh… and do some mediocre job that pays not what I am worth.  

    I also am living with other family members who would just love to sabotage my time like mediocre madness zombies . They are very pushy and I always have to put  my foot down and explain that I am engrossed in an project that I need to focus on. 

    People can be so disrespectful and inconsiderate. I like how you say to feed your brain with quality content. That is a great way to stay motivated because when you read stuff that makes sense and has worked for other people, it motivates you to succeed because “hey if they can do it, so can I!” 

    I have a little boy who is rambunctious and goes to bed early. He is the type of kid that if I am up making a lot of noise in our room  ( we share a room ) at 4 am to work, he will most likely wake up for the day ready to go. Around the hours of 4 am to 6am he is susceptible to waking up when there is noise so I try to stay asleep and keep him asleep as well, might as well. BUT right now is 11:11 (oooh my lucky number!) and its a good time because my son is fast asleep, the likelihood of him waking up now is very minimal. I have many hours to work uninterrupted. I also like it because the rest of the family and house is asleep and not patronizing me like they do in the day. 

    I feel most inspired and awake and aware around this time. I work until my eyelids get heavy and then I slide in bed next to my baby , I cuddle him and close my eyes and imagine a future for us where we are traveling the world in fancy first class packages, we are living a good life where we have good food and nice new clothes and everything is just nice and quality, unlike how my childhood was where we really struggled to be comfy. I want my son to have a happy life. I am a single mom and I am stuck with very unhappy family so when I stay focused and not let the zombies suck my energy, I can get a lot accomplished. 

    By the way, I love Dr.Wayne Dyer. He is a very inspirational person. So is Abraham-Hicks 🙂 

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story Sophia. You are a very strong woman and your son is blessed to have a Mum who can rise up and conquer the zombies. It sounds like you have quite a few to content with! 

      It’s great you have found your optimum time to work on your escape plan. It doesn’t matter when it is, and it will be different for everyone. I love that quiet time when the rest of the house is sleeping or otherwise preoccupied, it provides us with the space and conditions to be most productive.

      I wish you every success although I feel you do not need my blessings I can see you have the drive and the courage to change your life and the lives of those around you.


  2. Oh I see the type of zombies you’re warning us to escape – those that sleepwalk through life, not knowing where they are going or what they can achieve.  Your typical cubicle slave!!You have really inspired me to continue to push ahead, put in the hours and the results will come.Where do you find the motivated people and go-getters to surround yourself with Heidi?Can I also ask Heidi, do you really get up at 4AM to work on your website?  About how many productive hours are you putting in each weekday to build your site?

    1. Hi John I do indeed get up at 4am every weekday, although I must confess I have been on holiday and let that slip to 5am just lately 🙂 I wanted to allow myself a little sleep-in but not get too far away from my 4am routine. This gives me 2 hours each morning to work on my websites before I need to start my normal day.

      Like many who start in affiliate marketing I still have a full-time job so I aim for 20 hours a week to work on my online business. I think consistency is key when it comes to building an online presence. Many gurus will say you need to put out one blog a day, I don’t know about you but working full time that is simply not possible for me so my goal is 2 quality posts on each site per week religiously. If you are lucky enough to be building your online business full time then certainly producing one blog a day will move you towards success even quicker. 

      Quality blogs rather than quantity just for the sake of it will build a profitable website though. 

      As for how to surround yourself with go-getters I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. Not only is their training second to none but the community of like-minded entrepreneurs simply can not be matched. They will celebrate your successes with you and provide support and encouragement when you need it. 

      Wealthy Affiliate members understand the journey, there are multi-millionaire members who started just like you and I and then there are members who are at the same stage and are feeling the same things we do. Affiliate marketers are often called the silent workforce, we often work by ourselves and do not get the support we need because of this. 

      I have found by having a strong support base to go to I can get my questions answered and my feelings validated as normal as well as the encouragement to succeed. 

      If you would like to check it out you can join as a free Starter Member by clicking the Wealthy Affiliate banner in the sidebar. I would love to work with you to help you achieve your dreams.   

  3. Hey there! How are you doing today? This blog post is spectacular. It’s so interesting to read this post because it contains useful information. Honestly speaking, you’ve done an excellent job in producing content like this. I really appreciate your time and effort you’ve taken in creating this blog. Keep up the good work and I hope you continue like this in the near future!!!

    1. Hi AV I am very well thank you for asking. So glad you enjoyed the post. 

      My aim is to provide as much information as possible to those who want to break out of the rat race and aspire to bigger and better things for themselves and their families. I hope my blog may have done that for you.

      Best wishes to you.

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